Lost Culture of Women's Liberation
Suzanne Bellamy, Australian artist and feminist scholar, created The Lost Culture of Women's Liberation, the Pre-Dynastic Phase 1969-1974 in 1995 as a comic women's history performance and archive project. Based on the satiric concept of an archaeological dig of Sydney's first Women's Liberation group house at 67 Glebe Point Rd in 500 years time, the project has had an ongoing life as museum exhibit, performance, lecture and slide presentation internationally for 20 years. In this filmed lecture at the National Library of Australia in November 2013, Suzanne Bellamy reflects on Women's Liberation in the early1970s, on the creation and impulse of the Lost Culture project in the mid 1990s, and on what it all means now in the 21st Century.

Deeply thoughtful and funny, filled with stories and images from the period and mock reconstructions, the Lost Culture of Women's Liberation is about a seriously comic past and present feminist politics and vision.

**Winner of the Year 2000 Edna Ryan Award for Creative Feminism.